Essential Gadgets and Gear for Optimal Work from Home Productivity

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Essential Gadgets and Gear for Optimal Work from Home Productivity

Now that working from home is the new normal, it is imperative that you make the most out of this setup by optimizing your productivity while taking care of your health. Here are some gadgets that will help you accomplish more while staying healthy.

Comfortable Desk and Chair
Please don’t use your dining chair as your office chair. It doesn’t work. You’ll be spending several hours a day sitting in from of your monitor. Get a comfortable chair to avoid backaches. A standing desk is also a nice option. Standing up every hour or so is proven to lower the risk of obesity, high blood sugar, heart disease, and generally help with longevity. You’ll also be able to accomplish more by using a standing desk.

Fast Internet, Reliable Connection
No matter where you are in the world, internet service providers may not be able to deliver on their promise. That’s why it’s smart to have a backup internet connection. Fiber is the way to go if it’s available in your area while satellite and wireless internet connections can serve as good back-ups if ever there’s an internet outage with your main internet provided.

Back-Up Power
Storms, floods, and natural disasters are happening all over the world even in areas previously unaffected. While the company you’re working for or your clients (if you’re a freelancer) would probably understand, you will be able to exhibit your professionalism by being able to communicate even during natural calamities.

Extra Monitors (Or a Big One)
You’ll save a lot of time if you don’t have to scroll through those spreadsheets. By having everything visible, you’ll be able to access critical information to do your work efficiently.

Universal Charger
Sure, you already have a charger for your laptop and your phone and your tablet and your other gadgets. But the more gadgets you have, the more unwieldy it can become if they use different chargers. Having a single charger for all your devices saves you time and reduces clutter in your limited desk space. There’s a rumor that a big tech company wants to ship their gadgets without chargers citing environmental concerns. There’s some truth to it as fewer chargers mean less waste.

Enough Lighting

Good lighting will save your eyesight and help with your sleep/wake cycle. As much as possible, get natural sunlight during your waking hours. It will regulate your circadian rhythm so get enough sleep – essential if you want to stay healthy and productive while working from home.

Ample lighting reduces eye strain and helps reduce headaches. It also lessens drowsiness and improves mood, which, in turn, result in fewer mistakes and more productivity.

A Good Earphone/Headphone
Working from home means you’ll have to endure noises in your household and your neighbors’. That’s why it’s essential to have good earphones or headphones. You want something that can isolate the noise and help you focus on your work. Aside from quality, you also want to consider how comfortable it is as you will be using it for hours on end. There you have it. These gadgets and gears can help you perform better at your job while keeping healthy at the same time.

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