Is Hiring A Procurement Headhunter Worth It

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Is Hiring A Procurement Headhunter Worth It

Hiring a procurement headhunter is easy to do, but the real question is Is it really worth your time? Let's think about it - if you're trying to fill a high-level role that will influence critical company goals and bottom-line results, isn't the extra effort and money well spent But if you're hiring for an opening that's more basic, then the answer may be no Here are three key questions to help you decide:

  • Is this a high-level role?
  • Do I need the extra boost at the finish line?
  • Do I have all of my ducks in a row and can't get them there without an outside party to hold my hand?

If you answered yes to all three (or even two), it's probably time to talk with a headhunter. If not, feel confident in the process you've developed and stick with it. Don't forget: Companies like Google and Apple use their own internal talent scouts specifically because they don't need outside help to find qualified candidates!

When Is It Worth It To Hire A Headhunter For Procurement Jobs
Procurement Headhunters are an indispensable source of talent for companies looking to fill hard-to-fill, high-impact jobs. As the economy continues to recover and hiring managers become more willing to hire outside their own organizations, headhunters will play an important role in sourcing candidates for their clients. Here are some factors that indicate when hiring a headhunter is worth it to find top talent:

Targeted search - the right candidate will be highly sought-after by your competitors, so using an expert recruiter can help you get in front of them quickly when they're open to other opportunities.

Requires technical or industry expertise - finding candidates with the right skills for highly specialized jobs will require a headhunter who understands your company culture and needs, as well as the specific skill set required to do the job successfully. Significant time constraints - if you need to make an important hire by a specific date (e.g., to meet a regulatory compliance requirement or complete a major sale), working with a headhunter who specializes in procurement can give you access to great candidates quickly.

Significant cultural fit is required - if the job calls for an executive with high emotional intelligence, going outside your usual network of contacts may be necessary. Strong references from peers and former colleagues – If you do not have a direct connection to a candidate, a headhunter can help by providing professional references and leveraging networks for potential candidates.

Can't find the right person internally if you've already taken your best shot at hiring from within but couldn't make it happen, bringing in an expert recruiter will give you access to more experienced talent with deeper networks.

Is Hiring A Headhunter Worth It
The short answer to this question is, "It depends." If you're hiring a high-level executive who will have a significant impact on company success, then yes - it's worth your time and money. On the other hand, if you need to fill an entry-level position or can't seem to find the right person even with the help of your internal recruiting team, you might be better off skipping it.

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