List of Ongoing Scholarships in the United States

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List of Ongoing Scholarships in the United States

It is the dream of everyone to study in the United States especially through scholarship. Well, it is quite an easy thing to get if only you pass some qualifications. In this article, I will share with you the list of ongoing scholarship applications in the USA for international students and USA citizens too. I will also share most of the requirements for getting a scholarship to study abroad (USA).

What are the types of scholarships I get
A scholarship can either be fully funded or partially funded. If it is fully funded then, it means all your expenditures with regards to your studies will be taken care of by the scholarship awarded. If it is partially funded, it simply means a part of the expenditure will be taken care of while you do the rest by yourself.

A scholarship can also be merit-based or need-based. If it is merit-based, it is purely based on the scholar's academic or social achievements. If it is need-based, then it is based on the need for assistance by the applicants. Students may need money to pay tuition fees or take care of any other thing in school. The need-based scholarship is always there for them. Receiving of the funds may be done yearly till or just once.

Some scholarships are meant for students with good leadership qualities, students who have fought again some social vices in their schools in the past, or a special set of students who have done one or two things meaning in their communities.

What are the eligibility requirements for getting a scholarship in the USA
Be a citizen of the USA or permanent resident (most scholarships in the USA are meant for US citizens or permanent residents.

  • Have an outstanding result from your previous degree.
  • Gain a good high school result.
  • Become an influencer to people around you.
  • Ensure you have a national ID to enable you to identify your country of origin.
  • Ensure you have outstanding academic achievement.
  • For each scholarship, ensure you read and follow the application instructions.

List of ongoing scholarships in the United States
Posse scholarship: scholarship scheme focused on raising better leaders who can take up future leadership positions in their areas of endeavors.

Cobell scholarship program: meant for students who are pursuing a vocational certificate or diploma, associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or professional degree, or certificate.

National Merit Scholarship: it is a merit-based scholarship meant for both students from the USA and other countries.

Gates Cambridge scholarship for international students: this is a merit-based scholarship for students from around the world. You can check out the requirements and apply.

  • California scholarships Federation Application
  • California scholarships Federation Application
  • Davis Putter Scholarships Funds.
  • Cameron Impact Scholarship in the USA
  • University of California Riverside Scholarships Application for international students.
  • Coolidge Scholarships Application.

Some of the scholarships above are basically for USA citizens while some are for students of any background. Check them out, apply for all if you're eligible. Wait for their reply after the application.

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