4 Tips to Make Splendid Custom Popcorn Boxes for Your Business

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4 Tips to Make Splendid Custom Popcorn Boxes for Your Business

Popcorn is the most favorable and lightweight snack that is best to remove the carving instantly. These popcorns are available in versatile flavors, and every vendor adds some ingredients to make them more demanding. The mouthwatering aroma of popcorns is capable bring your customers from a long distance.

Sometimes, the taste is not enough to engage your target audiences, and you need to improve the packaging of your product to increase your customer's traffic. On this subject, the use of custom popcorn boxes for your customers at your priority. Let see why customization is better from premade popcorn boxes.

Why Custom Popcorn Box
Premade boxes are simple with the same graphics and content, and you cannot change any single feature in these boxes. On the other hand, you need to use customized and personalized popcorn boxes with your brand information, logo, and clear information about your product. All these things play a vital role in improving your brand growth. Here are some points that show why customization is best to design your box.

  • Durable
  • Attractive
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase sales
  • Recyclable

Now it's time to jump in the tips that require for popcorn packaging boxes.

High-Quality Cardstock of Popcorn Boxes
Our first tip is related to the right choice of cardstock for your popcorns boxes. As you know, in premade boxes, you never choose the cardstock as per your choices and their thickness. Also, no one knows whether they use FSC (Forest Steward Council) approved cardstock for generating bulk popcorn boxes. But if you choose a reputable brand for custom popcorn boxes, they must use quality material that is not harmful to human health.

For this purpose, you can choose high thickens of approved cardstock for popcorn packaging boxes for your brand. In addition to this, the preferable cardstock is cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated for your popcorn packaging. Plus, packaging suppliers offer 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, and 24pt with White SBS C2S C1S. So, it has a lot of options to pick the right one.

Pick Mature Printing Machines for Your Popcorn Boxes
The quality of custom printed popcorn boxes shows from the finishing of printing content that is applied to make them sublime. Sometimes brands choose a supplier who provides their services at low prices, but they do not use mature printing machines and quality inks. At that moment, all you invest in your packaging boxes is wasted if you cannot get the desired design on popcorn boxes. So, prevent loss and choose a supplier who offers quality printing serves and uses mature printing gadgets.

Pick Sophisticated Colour for Your Popcorn Boxes
Using white popcorn boxes is not boring and old fashions but is common. And if you want to make your place in the customers' hearts, you need to pick sparkling colors for popcorn boxes that captivate your customers from long distances. Moreover, you can get help from CMYK, RGB, and PMS color model for printed popcorn boxes.

However, choosing the perfect color combination needs proper attention because you need to choose your box color, text color, and graphics color. You never choose bold colors for all aspects; it looks messy, and no one reads your name on the box. Thus, you need to be cautious in choosing colors for your popcorn packaging boxes. If your box color is dark, then you need to use a light shade for text. Apart from this, you can use gold and silver foil for your packaging box text.

Go for Handle and Gable Shaped Boxes
In the end, the attachment of the handle provides an ease to your customers to easily carry your products in their hands. Plus, small kids who do not grip the scallop popcorn boxes can easily carry gable shaped and handle popcorn boxes to enjoy their yummy popcorn.

Gable-shaped boxes are different from handle boxes but have one similarity; both have a handle on the top of the box. Handle popcorn boxes means attaching a handle in any type of box, either bucket, scallop, pillow, or round. But gable-shaped handles are not attached separately and are made from heavy-duty cardstock that is convenient folding in gable shape. Such customized popcorn boxes look fabulous with unique design patterns and printed content.

Wrapping Up Things
So, the conclusion of the information mentioned above is to explain tips that help you create catchy and custom popcorn boxes for your brand. On this subject, you need to pick premium quality material for your popcorns boxes that hold your popcorns. Plus, you need to find a packaging supplier who uses mature printing devices to print your boxes. Moreover, the use of attractive colors with unique styles also gives an amazing look for your audience. Gable-shaped and handle popcorn boxes are best to captivate tour users and for favor purposes. Now improve your popcorns packaging to increase the customer's attention.

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